Toronto Builder Workshop: Data Engineering


Apr 4, 8:00 – 11:00 PM


Join us on Thursday, April 4 at 4pm-7pm EST for an exclusive educational event for data professionals looking to elevate their careers with the latest in cloud data technology. At this event, you’ll dive deep into Snowflake’s Data Cloud and learn about how Snowflake is used in Data Engineering.

About this event

Builder Workshop: Data Engineering with Snowflake

In this workshop on Thursday, April 4 at 4pm-7pm EST, Gilberto Hernandez, Developer Advocate at Snowflake, and Kai Ni, Senior Sales Engineer at Snowflake, will teach you how you can build data engineering pipelines using Snowflake. You’ll learn about Snowflake’s powerful ingestion, transformation, and delivery features, as well as workflows and best practices for data engineering. Here are a few of the things the workshop will cover in the lecture and the hands-on lab:

  • Modern data engineering with Snowflake
  • Batch and streaming ingestion with Snowpipe and Snowpipe Streaming
  • Transformations with Snowpark for Python
  • Data pipeline orchestration with tasks
  • Data delivery tools 

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is open to anyone with a technical background – no Snowflake experience required – whether you’re a data analyst, engineer, or simply a tech enthusiast curious about the latest data trends. It's especially beneficial for those aiming to enhance their professional skill set by learning about Snowflake.

Workshop Overview

The workshop will span approximately three hours, designed to maximize your learning and hands-on experience.

Introduction (1 hour): You’ll start with a comprehensive introduction and overview of how Snowflake is used across data engineering, ML / AI, or applications – delivered by a Snowflake expert. You'll learn about unique Snowflake features, like Snowpipe, Snowpark, Snowpark Container Services, APIs, and more.

Hands-On Lab (2 hours): After grasping the basics, you'll learn-by-doing with an interactive hands-on lab, facilitated by a Snowflake expert. You'll apply what you've learned by using Snowflake and gaining practical experience. If you successfully complete the lab, you’ll earn a digital badge that represents your new skills.

Earn Recognition

Upon successful completion of the lab, you’ll receive a digital badge to acknowledge your newfound skills. This badge isn't just a token of accomplishment; it's a tool to help you stand out! Share it on your LinkedIn, Twitter, or any social platform to showcase your commitment to continuous learning and your expertise in Snowflake technology.

Why Attend?

Upskill: In an era where data is becoming increasingly valuable, knowing how to leverage powerful technologies like Snowflake is crucial. This workshop could be a stepping stone to help propel your career forward.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals and industry experts. Exchange ideas, share experiences, and build relationships that could lead to future collaborations or career opportunities.

Hands-On Experience: It's one thing to read about technology, but it's another to use it. The hands-on lab ensures you don't just learn; you apply, making the knowledge stick.

Venue / Arrivals

Location: Snowflake Offices · 16 York Street Suite 3200, Toronto, ON M5J 0E6

Arrivals will occur from 3:30pm-4:00pm. The Snowflake office operates on a double badge security system. Kai will be present to badge you in on the first floor of the building, and then you'll go up to the 31st floor. At the 31st floor, Monique will badge you up to the 32nd floor where the Workshop is taking place.

Due to these logistics, if you are arriving late, please email to make arrangements for your arrival, or if you have any questions in general.

Parking: The parking garage entrance is located just off of Grand Trunk Crescent (between the loading dock and the Ice Condo roundabout). Parking validation is not available.

Refreshments: We will fuel your education with a variety of burrito options from Chipotle and soft drinks.

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Thursday, April 4, 2024
8:00 PM – 11:00 PM UTC


Introduction / Lecture
Hands-On Lab


  • Gilberto Hernandez


    Lead Develper Advocate

  • Kai Ni


    Senior Sales Engineer


  • Pooja Kelgaonkar

    Rackspace Technology

    Senior Data Architect

  • Augusto Rosa


    VP of Engineering

  • Monique Lupu


    Community Manager - User Groups