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Join us at the upcoming Snowflake Startups Meetup at 3:00pm CET on Wednesday, Feb 7th, where we'll delve deep into the world of AI and ML, exploring cutting-edge trends and practical applications.


Welcome & Introductions

A brief kickoff from the chapter leaders, and an introduction of our guest speakers.

Special Guest Speakers from Snowflake:

Cameron Wasilewsky - As an experienced Senior Sales Engineer, Cameron is dedicated to assisting Snowflake's customers with their AI/ML initiatives. His expertise in customer engagement and tailored technical solutions has been valuable in supporting these customers as they navigate the complexities and opportunities within the AI/ML landscape.

Niels ter Keurs - Ready to introduce an essential training program for newcomers to Snowflake Native Apps. This session is a game-changer for anyone looking to develop their own Native app, providing the necessary tools and guidance.

Session Highlights:

  • Trendsetting in AI/ML: Uncover how Snowflake is shaping the future of AI and ML.
  • Product Insights: Learn about Snowflake's products and their alignment with current AI/ML trends.
  • Practical Use Cases: A walkthrough of real-world applications for startups in AI/ML, showcasing how these can be adapted for maximum impact.
  • Training Program Launch: Get a comprehensive introduction to the Snowflake Native Apps training program by Niels ter Keurs.

Questions & Closing Remarks

Following the presentations, attendees will have an opportunity to ask our presenters questions, share feedback, and provide input on what to cover during the next meeting.

Your presence will add immense value to this event!


  • Cameron Wasilewsky


    Senior Sales Engineer, AI/ML Startups

  • Niels ter Keurs


    Senior Sales Engineer, Startup Program


  • Pedram Birounvand



  • Piers Batchelor

    Astrato Analytics

    Sr. Product Manager


  • Piers Batchelor

    Astrato Analytics LTD.

    Senior Product Manager

  • Pedram Birounvand