About this event

The Snowflake for Startups user group is getting together virtually on September 13th! During this meeting, Erik Lehto, Senior Analytics Engineer at EQT, will take us through how they combine state-of-the-art tools to quickly deal with any data quality issues. In the second half of the meeting, Shubhankar Srivastava & Nipun Jain from Houseware will share how to extract meaningful insights from your product data, drive smarter decisions, and achieve business success reliably. Please register to attend!


Welcome & Introductions

A brief kickoff from the chapter leaders, and an introduction of our guest speakers.

Tackling Data Quality with EQT - Eric Lehto

Making sure that you present accurate numbers in your business reports is of utmost importance, yet as the data warehouse that feeds those reports grows, keeping track of data quality becomes challenging. Not only do you need to perform the right tests to detect issues, you also have to make sure that your alerts reach the right person, that this person can assess the impact of the issue at hand, and if necessary reach out to business stakeholders. With access to the right information, the root cause can swiftly be identified and the issue resolved. Join this session to find out how EQT combines state-of-the-art tools to expedite this process and quickly deal with any data quality issues that arise!

Data Driven Decisions with Houseware - Shubhankar Srivastava & Nipun Jain

Discover how to leverage Snowflake’s powerful data platform with Houseware’s product analytics capabilities. Now you can extract meaningful insights from your product data, drive smarter decisions, and achieve business success reliably, right on top of your source of truth: your data warehouse.

In this session, you’ll learn to 1) harness the capabilities of Snowflake’s data warehouse and Houseware’s product analytics, 2) identify, monitor, and visualise vital metrics for informed decision-making, 3) understand different kinds of analyses that enable you with the right insights for business growth and user delight, and 4) foster a culture where data steers decisions across your product team.

Questions & Closing Remarks

Following the presentations, attendees will have an opportunity to ask our presenters questions, share feedback, and provide input on what to cover during the next meeting.


  • Erik Lehto


    Senior Analytics Engineer

  • Shubhankar Srivastava



  • Nipun Jain


    Data Team Lead


  • Piers Batchelor

    Astrato Analytics

    Product Manager

  • Ryan Lieber


    Startup Program Manager, EMEA


  • Piers Batchelor

    Astrato Analytics LTD.

    Senior Product Manager

  • Pedram Birounvand