Snowflake for Startups: no-code data apps from Astrato, Cost Optimization from a Data Superhero

Snowflake for Startups

Jan 11, 2023, 2:00 – 3:00 PM


About this event

The Snowflake for Startups user group is getting together virtually on January 11th! During this presentation, Product Manager Piers Batchelor from Astrato Analytics is going to talk about their journey using Snowflake; providing live-query BI, bundled with passthrough security and governance, time-travel and Snowpark compatibility. With a strong dashboarding and creator experience, Astrato Analytics is now expanding its journey with Snowflake, toward no-code data apps.

In the second half of the meeting Data Superhero, Tomás Sobotík, and Senior Partner Sales Engineer, Alexander Jaballah, we will be covering Snowflake Cost Optimizations techniques. How to utilize Snowflake features in correct way to save some costs for both storage and compute. How to set up the parameters, what impact on cost could have using the caches and much more.

There will be dedicated time for attendee Q&A following each presentation. This meeting will be hosted on Bevy, please register to participate!


Welcome & Introductions (5 minutes)

No-code Data Apps at Astrato Analytics (20 minutes)

Attendee Questions & Answers (10 minutes)

Snowflake Snowflake Cost Optimizations Techniques (20 minutes)

Closing Remarks (5 minutes)


  • Alexander Jaballah


    Senior Partner Sales Engineer

  • Piers Batchelor

    Astrato Analytics

    Product Manager

  • Tomáš Sobotík


    Data Superhero


  • Piers Batchelor

    Astrato Analytics LTD.

    Senior Product Manager

  • Pedram Birounvand