Data Vault User Group: Mining for Gold with Data Vault (Virtual Meeting)

Data Vault

Thursday, August 11, 2022, 5:00 – 6:00 PM UTC


About this event



The Snowflake Data Vault Special Interest Group is getting together virtually on August 11th! Join us to hear from other Snowflake users, grow your professional network, ask questions, and get details on our next user group meeting. During this meeting you'll hear from Christopher Siegfried, Senior Data Architect at infoVia. 

Christopher is a data and dev-ops specialist at infoVia with over a decade of experience. As a proponent of Data Driven Design, he specializes in ontology mapping, metadata management, and the DataOps methodology needed for holistic implementation. Christopher knows that data modelers need strategies for identifying information and techniques to distill that information from the dross. In this meeting he'll discuss ways to survey data and how to separate that data into information via Data Vault including 1) identifying hubs and links and common pitfalls, 2) ignoring the structure of your data source, 3) use of Record Tracking Satellites, Effectivity Satellites, and Status Tracking Satellites, and 4) dependent children and their multi-active cousins.


Welcome & Introductions (5 minutes)

Mining for Gold with Data Vault (40 minutes)

Attendee Questions & Answers (10 minutes)

Closing Remarks (5 minutes)