Data Vault User Group: Data Modeling (Virtual Meeting)

Data Vault

May 11, 2022, 5:00 – 6:00 PM


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The Snowflake Data Vault Special Interest Group is getting together virtually on May 11th! Join us to hear from other Snowflake users, grow your professional network, ask questions, and get details on our next user group meeting. During this meeting you'll hear from Christian Kaul, a data modeler based in Munich, Germany, who focuses on designing, implementing and improving data warehouses.

When building a data vault model, you encounter some of the same situations again and again. Therefore it is good to have some modeling conventions so that you deal with these situations in a consistent manner. The data vault modeling patterns shown in this presentation will help you to achieve this consistency by recognizing standard situations and sticking to standard solutions for resolving them. The most important data vault modeling patterns include options for some of the finer points of link design, modeling hierarchies (when one instance is subordinate to another), modeling identity (when two instances actually refer to the same thing), modeling headers and line items and handling lookup values.


Welcome & Introductions (5 minutes)

Data Modeling (40 minutes)

Attendee Questions & Answers (10 minutes)

Closing Remarks (5 minutes)


  • Christian Kaul


    Data Modeling Aficionado & Data Structure Designer


  • Veronika Durgin

    Saks Fifth Avenue

    Head of Data