Atlanta BUILD Meetup


Dec 5, 2023, 10:30 PM – Dec 6, 2023, 12:30 AM


About this event

Join us for the Atlanta BUILD Meetup on December 5th! BUILD Meetups are a series of special edition user group meetings following the BUILD conference that bring together data professionals to explore the power of building with Snowflake. Learn about groundbreaking projects, connect with developers, data engineers, and data scientists around the world. Engage in lively discussions, ask your burning questions, and connect with fellow builders in the Atlanta area. Register now to secure your spot for an evening filled with knowledge, networking, and exclusive swag!

BUILDing Blocks: Composing Complex Data Platforms using Native Apps

The motivation for moving to a microservices architecture is simple: deconstruct monolithic applications into a collection of discrete services that can live and breathe on their own. Teams can innovate, deploy, and define SLAs individually for each service. In the data and analytics game, we can use this same approach to compose a complex data platform as a collection of “data services.”

In this presentation, Stewart Bryson explain how the Snowflake Native App Framework can be used to deliver a data services architecture. Each service has defined inputs and outputs, has a UI/UX for the specific domain or function, and is deployable as a standalone unit. Attendees will also experience a live demo using the Native App Framework.


10:30 PMArrivals + Happy Hour
11:00 PMComposing Complex Data Platforms using Native Apps
11:45 PMQuestions + Answers
12:00 AMClosing Remarks + Networking


  • Stewart Bryson

    Data Superhero