GROUP BY Data Heroes; a virtual symposium led by Snowflake users

GROUP BY Wed, Jul 15, 9:00 AM (PDT)

About this event

GROUP BY is an opportunity for data practitioners around the world to come together virtually and learn how some of the most engaged users are leveraging Snowflake. Dive deep into use cases, participate in workshops, and discuss popular Snowflake features with our amazing Data Heroes. Register for GROUP BY and join us virtually on July 15th at 9am Pacific time!

You will need to have access to Zoom to participate in this meeting. If you don't have access, please go to and sign up for a free account.


9:00 AM | Opening Remarks 

Benoit Dageville, Snowflake Co-Founder, President of ProductsKent Graziano, Chief Technical Evangelist, Snowflake

9:30 AM | Five Snowflake Features to Drive Your Business Forward 

Slim Baltagi, CTO & VP - Cloud Data Practice at LoganBritton

10:00 AM | How to Execute the T of ELT 

Daan Bakboord, Data & Analytics Consultant, Pong BV

10:30 AM | Streams & Tasks Hands-on Lab 

Randy Pitcher, Regional Technical Expert, Hashmap

11:00 AM (Break OR Lunch Session) | BBQ, Data, & Snowflake 

Sonny Rivera, Director Data Delivery, Ally Financial

11:30 AM | Data Sharing

Stephanie Stillman, Senior Product Manager, Snowflake

12:00 PM | How Snowflake with Mongo ChangeStreams can Drive Near-Real-Time Business Intelligence Insights 

Lenny Fishler, Head of Data Services, Braze

12:30 PM | What a SnowPro Certification can do for you 

Joyce Avila, University of Texas at Arlington

1:00 PM | Closing Remarks 

Kent Graziano, Chief Technical Evangelist, Snowflake


  • Benoit Dageville

    Benoit Dageville


    Co-Founder, President of Products

  • Daan Bakboor

    Daan Bakboor


    Manager, Data & Analytics

  • Joyce Avila

    Joyce Avila

    Snowflake SnowPro Core & Super Data Hero

  • Lenny Fishler

    Lenny Fishler


    Data Strategy Manager

  • Stephanie Stillman

    Stephanie Stillman


    Senior Product Manager

  • Randy Pitcher II

    Randy Pitcher II


    Regional Technical Expert

  • Slim Baltagi

    Slim Baltagi


    CTO & VP - Cloud Data Practice

  • Sonny Rivera

    Sonny Rivera

    Ally Financial

    Director of Data Delivery


  • Kent Graziano

    Kent Graziano


    Chief Technical Evangelist

    See Bio
  • Angelica Coleman

    Angelica Coleman


    Senior Community Manager

    See Bio
  • Elsa Mayer

    Elsa Mayer


    Community Manager