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Data Modernization Journey using DV2

Working with legacy systems in insurance is a common theme. Amica Life made the decision in 2018 to revamp its end-to-end system platform. This provided an opportunity to start fresh with a new cloud data warehouse using Snowflake. The DV 2.0 methodology, along with a warehouse automation tool, empowered our small team to develop gradually to modernize our back- and front-end systems. This has enabled business users to interact with dashboards and reports for the first time.


Emma Daoust is a seasoned professional in the field of data science, leveraging a decade of expertise in the insurance industry. Her commitment to excellence and passion for extracting meaningful insights from data have positioned her as a leader in the evolving landscape of data-driven decision-making.


  • Emma Daoust

    Amica Insurance

    Life Data Officer


  • Veronika Durgin

    Saks Fifth Avenue

    Head of Data


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