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Get ready to attend a BUILD Meetup to connect & build with developers near you! BUILD Meetups are a series of special edition user group meetings following the BUILD conference that bring together data professionals to explore the power of building with Snowflake. Learn about groundbreaking projects, connect with developers, data engineers, and data scientists around the world. Speakers from the local community will cover topics from generative AI, native apps, open source projects, and more. Don't miss out—register now to attend!

Past events

In-Person User Group Meeting

「データエンジニア界のインフルエンサー直伝!Snowflake Data Cloudの最新機能ご紹介」Build Meetup 2023年12月15日(金)開催!

In-Person User Group Meeting

Dublin BUILD Meetup

In-Person User Group Meeting

Dallas BUILD Meetup

BUILD Meetup

New York BUILD Meetup

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