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The 3 "R's" of Chapter Leadership: Requirements, Resources, and Rewards!

Snowflake Chapter Leaders are the heart and soul of our user community. They go above and beyond to give back to the community by taking the lead and passionately running our user groups to help people to connect and learn from one another. This post details the three "R's" of being a Snowflake user group leader... Requirements, Resources, and Rewards!


The role of a Snowflake User Group Leader is to plan and facilitate meetings for your chapter on at minimum a quarterly basis. As the leader, you’re the main point of contact for the community members. You may have co-organizers (in fact, we encourage it!), but it is critical that as a team you manage the following:

  • Cadence: We expect you to host a minimum of 4 meetings annually. A monthly cadence of meetings is encouraged, where possible.

  • Agenda: You are responsible for selecting a topic, inviting one or more speakers, and securing a venue for each meeting. Please note that the Snowflake Community team is happy to assist you so long as you bring it to our attention.

  • Host: Serve as the onsite point-of-contact for each meeting or appoint a guest host. This includes attending the event in person, checking-in each member, introducing the speaker, and collecting attendee feedback. We encourage you to take photos and share presentation materials post-event.

  • Alignment: Please help us ensure a consistent member experience by using to manage meetup planning, execution, and member communications.

  • Communication: Maintain frequent and open communication with your co-Leaders and the Snowflake Community Team. This includes remaining active in Slack, responding to direct email communication, joining conference calls, and actively sharing attendee feedback.

  • Group Culture: We expect you to foster an open and welcoming environment to all who attend. We strive to create safe spaces for people regardless of race, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, physical appearance, or religion (or lack thereof). Please also ensure that your venue is wheelchair accessible.


Leading a User Group is a labor of love, and the Community team at Snowflake will do whatever we can to make it an easy and rewarding experience for you. This includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Marketing: Snowflake will promote upcoming user group meetings on with our  customers and other contacts. 

  • Expenses: Snowflake will cover the cost of meals and venues, as needed. Please keep expenses within reason, and make sure any costs have been cleared by the Snowflake Community Team before committing to anything.

  • SWAG: An attendee SWAG package for each meetup, including t-shirts and stickers. Please note that we will need at least two weeks notice to ship this to you.

  • Speakers & Content: If there is specific content you would like to feature at your user group, please let us know. We are always happy to provide you with decks that cover recent announcement and new features, or technical overviews of the product. We can make speaker recommendations, and share content from other user groups that may be relevant for your members.

  • Peer Access: As the leader of a Snowflake user group, you have access to other leaders via our Snowflake Community Slack workspace. You can use this channel to ask questions, soundboard ideas, and share learnings. Many have extensive experience running user groups with other organizations, and love to help out their fellow leaders.


Did we mention you’re awesome? Here are a few of the ways we’ll show you our appreciation:

  • SWAG: Access to exclusive Chapter Leader gear.

  • Event Passes: Paid passes to Summit for top chapter leaders.

  • Shoutouts: Be featured in our monthly update on Medium.

  • Data Superheroes: Get on the fast track to becoming a Data Superhero!